Cloud Storage

We already know that there are so many options for personal cloud storage these days. Whether you are storing work or personal documents, pictures and other items, you can easily use many of the cloud storage sites and you will have all your data in a safe place at all times. But it is not always as easy to store larger files, especially ones that you want kept private until they are ready for release. When companies are producing videos and movies and other media items, they need a way of storing all the large files they are producing.

And in this respect, the adobe creative cloud storage solution is really the best one of the market. When you normally see these cloud storage options, you would imagine that it is not hard to store a video file of one or two GB on them. But what you have to understand is those files of a few GB that you download each time you buy a movie or a digital TV show episode are compressed files. They are not the first versions that are produced and put onto the computer for editing. The uncompressed files are massive, and they would never properly work with typical cloud storage solutions.

You are going to need a piece of hardware that can not only store all the files safely from a local perspective, but you will also need something that would give you access to those files on the cloud. That way – you have the files safely stored on these hard drives where they are not going to get damaged or stolen, but you will also have access to them as a team when you need them – and you can get said access through the cloud. Take a look at the Archion site for more detailed information about how the process works.